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Mobile coldroom is an online frozen food vendor and supplier business initiative established to supply a variety of frozen foods to various food service organisations. Some of these organisations include restaurants, hotels, schools, catering services, healthcare institutions, non-governmental organisations, grocery stores and so on. The goods to be specified are various types of frozen fish and poultry products. Our services are aimed at ensuring superior customer value creation and optimum customer satisfaction through our wide range of highly nutritious,quality frozen food products.

We source from the best both locally and internationally,store in the best conditions,ensure the implementation of our strict sanitation policies and sell at the best prices . Most importantly, we offer optimal convenience through our effective and low-cost delivery system which also allows you to pay for orders on delivery ensuring your shopping experience is completely trouble free . We are passionately committed to the people we serve and we will always go the extra mile to ensure our customers achieve top quality food production.

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